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AEO Authorized Economic Operator since 2009


The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO-Authorised Economic Operator) emerged in the European Union with the objective of establishing the inbounding and outbounding cargo customs controls systemization.


This way, the AEO emerged in the European Union with the aim of establishing the systematization of customs controls on goods entering and leaving its territory. In this way, it will be possible to ensure the uniform application of these mechanisms in all member states, based on the fulfillment of common regulation and criteria.

What is an AEO?

According to the Union Customs Code (CAU) it is the person who, after evaluation and fulfillment of various requirements and criteria by the Tax and Customs Authority (DGAIEC), can be considered as a reliable partner. On this basis you will benefit from various advantages across the EU.

Quality Management System

Certificate PT13/04544
NP EN ISO 9001:2015

The company ACB Forwarding Agent holds a quality certification in accordance with Standard NP EN ISO9001:2015 For the provision of consultancy services in international trade, processing of customs declarations, Intrastat, compliance with formalities with Customs and other supporting Customs services to the customer, having been awarded the quality certification with no. PT13/04544.

What is a Quality Management System?

The QMS of a company is an organizational management tool that provides means and ways to control and manage processes and also allows the effectiveness verification of the actions taken, with a focus on the customer satisfaction and the pursuit of continuous improvement of processes.

PME Líder 2022

Certificate PME Líder 2022

Created by the Institute for the Support of Small and Medium-Sized Companies and Innovation (IAPMEI), the PME Líder status is awarded to companies that stand out for their exemplary behavior in the market. As a result of attributing this status, companies can benefit from special financing conditions, which allows for greater growth and competitive capacity.